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OC Healthy Lesson 3: Tracking Your Activity

In OC Healthy by Dustin Bratcher

By Dustin Bratcher / Ohio County Monitor

Lesson 3 of the OC Healthy program deals with tracking your activity which is a very good thing to do if your goal is to lose weight or for maintenance once you have reached your goal.

The Prevent T2 curriculum calls for 150 minutes of physical activity which is anything above and beyond your daily routine and can be just about anything from taking a quick walk for few minutes at lunch time or anywhere you can sneak it in.

This video was recorded in the Ohio County Family Wellness Center. (We’ll have a video specifically about the Wellness Center later.) The FWC is a great place to go to get a workout in or to play some basketball in the gym, swim in the pool, or play some racquetball. They also offer spin classes, yoga classes, and more.

More importantly, they have trainers there that can get you started with an exercise routine specifically tailored to your wants and needs.

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