There isn’t a news organization on the planet that can effectively report the news without help from the community they serve. The Ohio County Monitor is no different.

The best way to contact us, especially regarding news or sports, is via email or even Facebook.

Obviously, we can’t be everywhere and cover everything, but if there is something you think people need to see or know about, a quick snapshot and a little information can give us everything we need to post it on

Submission Guidelines:

Pretty simple. Photos need to have everyone identified within reason. Obviously, if a photo is of a jumbled group of 30 people, perhaps it’s not so easy to identify each one. Also, give as much information as possible. Who, what, when, where, why and who should to be contacted, if needed.

Contact information:

If you have any news tips or things you think we need to look into and check out or you need to submit any news, story ideas, photos, community news, etc.:

Obituaries: We only accept obituaries from funeral homes with a photo. However, if there is an obituary for someone who lives out of the county with Ohio County ties, simply give this email address to the funeral home and have them send the obituary.