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OC Healthy Lesson 2: How To Get Active

In OC Healthy by OC Monitor Staff

By: Dustin Bratcher / Ohio County Monitor

We are back with Lesson 2 in the OC Healthy program. This lesson falls directly in line with the CDC’s Prevent T2 Curriculum which can be found here.

As we have mentioned before, OC Healthy will be following this particular Prevent T2 program as we go because it is a good, general way to get healthy, lose weight, and prevent or control Type 2 diabetes.

Once the program gets moving along we may refer less to the curriculum itself so remember to keep going through it according to what you are looking for or need from it.

There are lots of places where you can workout or get a little exercise in Ohio County. From the Family Wellness Center for a full-fledged gym and fitness center to walking trails at Ohio County Park or Beaver Dam City Park.

However, the idea being stressed in this video is you want to simply go above and beyond your every day activities. This means doing little things like parking further away from where you work or when you are going to the grocery or sneaking in a short walk around the block when you get a chance.

Think about your daily routine and see where you can fit some extra activity in or get in the habit using your free time to take a quick walk when the opportunity arises.

Every little bit counts.

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