Co-founder’s Lee and Dustin Bratcher welcome you to the Ohio County Monitor, the online “newspaper” for Ohio Countians, by Ohio Countians.

Both have been covering Ohio County full-time since February of 2012.

Dustin had covered the news in Ohio County as a photographer and sports editor for over nine years prior and won 10 awards from the Kentucky Press Association.

In a world in which we have Red Sox Nation, ESPN Sportsnation, and WWE Universe, this site will be more about community. Our community. The Ohio County Monitor will not report on the world or national news, we will be all Ohio County all the time.

We will keep you up to date on the news that affects you right here at home.

Technology allows us to get the news to you as quickly as possible.

The Ohio County Monitor wants to be known less as a newspaper and more of a community service.

We also ask that you, our community, help us gather and collect the news. Check out our contact page and email us ideas for stories.

No news organization is able to go to every church function, attend every meeting, or be at every event. We will rely on your support and submissions if we want to have the best news site possible. If you attend a function you think the community would like to know about take a picture or two, jot down a few notes on what took place and the Ohio County Monitor will post it.

Please like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We will post updates to the site as well as breaking news to our Facebook and Twitter pages. We offer comments on our stories but require that you have a Facebook account. This way we can keep comments respectable and accountable.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, story ideas, or breaking news.

We at the Ohio County Monitor look forward to making this journey with you.

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