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Meet the Candidates: Paul Sandefur, incumbent candidate for Beaver Dam Mayor

In 2022 General Election, Meet the Candidates by OC Monitor Staff

Beaver Dam Mayor Paul Sandefur

A lot has happened in Beaver Dam over the past few years. There have been some major accomplishments that few cities of our size have achieved. A sampling of those accomplishments include:

  • A new fire station was constructed.
  • Fire equipment was updated including the purchase of a new truck scheduled to be delivered this winter.
  • Added a paid, full-time, Beaver Dam Fire Chief for the department.
  • Remodeled and enlarged the Beaver Dam Police Station.
  • Enlarged the Beaver Dam Police Department to as many as seven full-time officers providing patrols in the city 24/7.
  • Worked with the Ohio County Regional Wastewater to stabilize rates for residential and commercial users.
  • Worked with a retail consultant to assist local businesses and recruit new businesses to the community.
  • Past, present and future revitalization of the downtown business district, the “Front Porch” of the community.
  • Established the Beaver Dam Tourism Commission.
  • Completed the Beaver Dam Park and added new facilities.
  • Completed the Beaver Dam Amphitheater bringing in world-class entertainment and tourism dollars.
  • Obtained hundreds of thousands in grant and sponsorship dollars.
  • New online bill payment capability is coming this winter.
  • Beaver Dam was awarded GRADD “City of the Year” twice.
  • Beaver Dam was awarded the Kentucky League of Cities’ “City Government of the Year.”
  • Financially sound.
  • A group of hard-working, forward-thinking city commissioners!

This is just scratching the surface. There are a lot of plans and projects in the works yet to come. Beaver Dam is in a position to be a major driver of economic and tourism development in the area. I believe continuity is important at this time and I would like to see these plans and projects through to completion. I would appreciate your support and vote.

Paul Sandefur