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Meet the Candidates: Scott G. Tichenor, candidate for Third District Magistrate

In 2022 General Election, Meet the Candidates by OC Monitor Staff

My name is Scott Gregory Tichenor and I am running for Third District Magistrate of Ohio County.

I grew up in Matanzas, I go to church at McHenry Baptist Church, and I’m raising my family here in the heart of the Third District. I’m engaged to Amber Bradley and together we have five beautiful daughters. My grandparents are Bill and Sharon Tichenor and I live on my grandparents’ farm where we raise poultry and cattle.

Our district deserves a representative that knows the needs of its people, its workers, its elderly, and the unique economic opportunities presented to us here in the best part of Ohio County.

My experience is broad and encompasses many of the same hurdles and challenges each person in the Third District faces.

I’ve worked underground in the coal mines, I help maintain my family farm, I’m an avid outdoorsman, I run my own business, and I’m raising five amazing young girls. Each of these roles means I’m involved in many county activities and stay aware of issues affecting Ohio County and this district. Though my family and work commitments keep me busy, I also make an effort to follow our current fiscal court and stay on top of topics discussed at meetings.

There are many issues facing the citizens and taxpayers of Ohio County. Roads are important, but I want to focus on solutions to issues that can push us toward a better future.

Things like better and more reliable phone and internet service, more skilled and better-paying jobs, streamlined infrastructure improvements, and tourism opportunities. I think transparency and open lines of communication with the individuals making decisions on these issues are vital to developing trust and understanding. It’s amazing what we could accomplish if no one cares who gets the credit.

I humbly ask for your support, for your vote, for your prayers, and for your thoughts and comments.

You are welcome to call me at 270-256-4919 or reach out through social media. Representation means I would represent you and will consider your opinions on matters that hit hard at home.

Scott G. Tichenor
Candidate for Third District Magistrate of Ohio County