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Meet the Candidates: Larry Morphew, incumbent candidate for 5th District Magistrate

In 2022 General Election, Meet the Candidates by OC Monitor Staff

Larry Morphew, incumbent 5th District Magistrate

To the voters of the 5th district,

I’m Larry Morphew and I’m running for re-election for 5th District Magistrate. I’ve lived in Ohio County my entire life. I’m a member of the Horse Branch Church of God, a graduate of Ohio County High School, and a retired coal miner and masonry worker.

I’m so blessed to have a loving and supportive family my wife Reta (Wagner) Morphew; a son, Brandon; a daughter-in-law, Bridget (Hines) Morphew; and the joy and pride of my life are my three grandchildren, Brady, Brittany, and Brice Morphew.

It’s been a privilege serving the people of the 5th District. I’m very proud of the progress made in our communities during the last seven-plus years. As election time rolls around again I’d like to share some of the things accomplished in the 5th District.

Black-topped $2,822,369 of roads in the 5th District.

Used discretionary money from coal severance to support the Cromwell, Horse Branch, and Rosine fire departments.

These departments are in much better financial condition under my term than previous years.

I’ve also supported Rosine, Horse Branch, and Cromwell community parks with funds as needed in effort to keep these park safe and opened.

In addition, here is a list of projects I’ve supported financially: Rosine Barn, Bill Monroe, Cromwell boat ramp, veterans and honor guard, 4-H, Tamarlane Industries, Relay for Life, Boy Scouts, junior pro basketball, Ohio County Fair, Habitat for Humanity, Courthouse Players, Ohio County Golf Course, and Ohio County Emergency Management.

I made the motion, and it passed, giving the Ohio County vocational school $25,000.

Finally, the 5th District has many more fire hydrants than when I took office. This makes fire dues affordable as well as the communities safer.

I’m retired and can devote all my time to being a magistrate.

I have an answering machine as to not miss any calls. All calls are returned.

I attend all training sessions available through the Kentucky Association of Counties.

I have many contacts at KACO as well as the Kentucky League of Cities for any legal issues that might arise.

I’m the most qualified candidate for the 5th District Magistrate. I served 12 years as Beaver Dam city commissioner and the past seven-plus as the magistrate for the 5th District. I’m the only candidate with this kind of experience.

Experience will be crucial in the next four years as our county will be facing budget cuts, losing coal severance money, as well as many other issues our nation is facing.

If you have any questions or concerns call me at 270-274-9068.

Vote Larry Morphew for 5th District Magistrate.