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Senator C.B. Embry’s legislative update – Nov. 12, 2021

In Opinion by OC Monitor Staff

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Senator C.B. Embry Jr.

FRANKFORT, Ky. — In light of the tragic aftermath of the severe weather that swept across the Commonwealth last weekend, instead of delivering season’s greetings and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, my message takes a different tone. I pray that your Christmas season is filled with love and blessings, and you will remember the reason for the season. However, as we all know, many of our fellow Kentuckians are facing unimaginable pain, grief, and loss.

For many, the seasonal festivities that make Christmas so joyful will not be their experience this year. The days, weeks, and months ahead will prove difficult in ways most can never imagine. That is why we must unite as one Kentucky and work together to bring hope, love, and peace to those who lost so much in a matter of hours. For a great example of our state’s united response, look to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund, which has received millions in contributions to help Kentuckians impacted by severe weather. To donate, visit All donations to the fund are tax-deductible.

Coming off the heels of the pandemic, many who have been personally impacted are understandably facing challenging times. We can do much as a community to ease the pain of the losses suffered. Lend a helping hand at your local shelter or supply distribution center. Consider donating to Toys for Tots to provide Christmas to a child who has been forever affected by this tragedy. Donate blood if you are able and lift your neighbors in prayer.

The devastation experienced in our communities impacted by this natural disaster will weigh heavily on all of us this holiday season. Let us be grateful for the blessings in our lives, including those who are there for us in moments of need —be it family, friends, neighbors, or strangers offering a helping hand. We cannot undo the tragedies across the Commonwealth; we can choose to be a positive force for recovery as a united Kentucky.

Senator C.B. Embry, Jr. (R-Morgantown) represents Kentucky’s 6th Senate District, which includes Butler, Hopkins, Muhlenberg, and Ohio Counties. He is co-chairman of the Tobacco Settlement Agreement Fund Oversight Statutory Committee, and the Interim Joint Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection. He is also a member of the Interim Joint Committees on Natural Resources, and Energy; and Transportation.