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OC Schools changes in-school mask policy

In Education, Local, News by OC Monitor Staff

HARTFORD, Ky. — Ohio County Schools has made a change to its in-school mask policy. Beginning Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, masks will be optional, but recommended, in Ohio County schools, including preschool. Any student or staff member may continue to wear a mask if they choose to.

Though the mask policy for Ohio County Schools has changed, students attending the Ohio County Area Tech Center, or Vocational School, will still be required to wear masks due to state mandate. Masks will also be required on school buses due to federal law.

Ohio County Schools Superintendent Seth Southard cites the recent decline in local incident rates and COVID-19 data collected in schools for the change in the policy.

“Thankfully, Ohio County has experienced a declining rate of COVID in the community and in schools,” Southard said. “These changes have prompted several discussions with the board members over the last couple of weeks. This is not a decision that any of us take lightly.

Ohio County Public Schools will continue to monitor the county’s COVID-19 incidence rate, as well as the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the schools. If those rates trend higher, the school may again call for the mandatory wearing of face masks.

To view a PDF copy of the letter from Southard about the change in mask policy, click here.