Tally’s Towing – Jan. 27-Feb. 28

Main & Local Podcast Ep. 1

In Podcast by Dustin Bratcher

The very first Main & Local podcast! In this episode, we discuss the upcoming school year and the options kids and parents have in Ohio County, Ky., in the age of COVID-19.

We also have a video of Mr. Arthur Hale, a long time OCHS chemistry teacher, speaking at a recent Ohio County Board meeting about his retirement, why he’s retiring, and some words about “his kids” he’s leaving behind.

Also, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Rep. Brett Guthrie were at the Rochester Dam to speak about the improvements being made there benefiting all of Ohio County and beyond.

This is our first episode and, as with many things, you don’t really know exactly how it is going to turn out, but you won’t really know until you do it and we hope you follow along with us and offer feedback and participation as we move forward.

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