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The Christmas Party

In Community Contributors by OC Monitor Staff

(Editor’s note: As part of our Community Contributors series, we will be publishing poetry beginning today and going forward. In the past, newspapers would routinely published poetry from local authors. We at the Ohio County Monitor wanted to try to reach back into the past and bring the custom back to the present. Below you will find to Christmas poems. We hope you enjoy them.)

The Christmas Party

Presents are wrapped
Bows in place
Thoughtful gifts
For a happy face

Christmas Dress
Red and white
Special hair
All looks right

Tasty treats
To nibble and munch
Savory and sweet
Chocolates and nuts

House is clean
Card tables fixed
Board games ready
Drinks are all mixed

Tree is up
Twinkling about
Beautiful ornaments
Mistletoe out

Speakers are ready
Playlist just right
For Christmas music
To blast all night

Anxious to see
Our family our friends
Share Holiday Spirit
Till Christmas night ends

Ready at the door
Handle in hand
Letting them in
All’s here as planned


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