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Backroads and bluegrass bucket list

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The Rosine Barn Jamboree is in full swing for the Summer every Friday night. (Photo by Heather Blair)

**This piece was submitted as part of our Community Contributor series.

By Heather Blair / OC Monitor Community Contributor

I’ve lived in Ohio county all my life and consider it my forever home. As much as I enjoy travel, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Between my past jobs and a love for backroads, I would venture to say I’ve explored nearly all the areas this vast county has to offer. At least from my windshield’s view.

In fact, having driven all over this state, I’m convinced we have a small slice of heaven nestled here in the bluegrass. It doesn’t matter the season, Ohio County offers some of the best scenery and landscapes around. When you combine that with our small town atmosphere, offering a little bit of everything (even if the sidewalks roll up after the sun goes down) you have the perfect setting. But of course, I’m partial.

Yet, in my 40-some years in the OC, there are numerous places I haven’t visited thoroughly.

A few weeks ago, I checked such a place off my “backyard bucket list” after attending a Friday night session at the Rosine barn with my husband.

It’s one of those things you always plan to do, but never actually get around to doing. I’m sure you can name some of your own…places you pass every day and mean to visit, but life just gets in the way.

When hearing coverage of the Kentucky Derby, I wondered then how many fellow neighbors have attended. It’s perhaps the largest sporting event each year and in our state, yet I would estimate the percentage is higher for those who have never been versus those who have. Or, like someone who lives near the beach, but never goes. Sometimes having a destination, even if in your backyard, doesn’t mean you’ll get out and experience it.

In preparing this piece, I surveyed a handful of friends and found the majority had also never visited the Rosine Barn Jamboree. Just a winding stretch down U.S. 62 E, in the heart of Rosine, sits a sleepy area that comes to life on Friday night.

As I stepped out to the sounds of bluegrass scattered across a gravel lot and faded grey barn, it felt like time stood still and transported me back to a simpler era all in the same breath. The perfect spring evening, with a cool breeze and the scent of BBQ in the air, my husband and I lingered and listened. And I wondered why I let all these years go by without enjoying this quaint section of our county’s history.

(Photo by Heather Blair)

Though there were many performers feet away from each other on the porch, nobody competed for the spotlight. We hovered long enough that, by the time we made it to the barn, it was mostly full. Not wanting to disturb the youth at the mic, we hung around the open doorway and I leafed through the guest book noticing the distance other attendees traveled. As the weather was nice, we later opted to sit at the side on what appeared to be an old church pew. Though the view of the stage wasn’t as good, the music carried no matter where we rested.

A date night to remember and one we plan to repeat.

If you’re looking for something new to do on a Friday night, head over to the barn. And the next time you pass by “one of those places” you always intend to visit but never have, stop. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Now onto my next bucket list destination…

Heather Blair is an Ohio County native, residing in Beaver Dam with her husband, Tim, and son, Noah. She is a Family Support Worker for the HANDS program, through the Green River District Health Department. Through HANDS, she helps families build healthy, safe environments to boost growth and development for their children. She is active in her church, enjoys rock painting, photography, fishing and exploring with her husband. Heather has a passion for writing and sharing about faith, family, and finding joy in every day.

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