Fiscal court opens bids for contract mowing

In News by Lee Bratcher

The Ohio County Fiscal Court decided to delay any action on bids for contract mowing of county roads until the Road Committee could review them.

Over the past several months, the fiscal court has discussed contracting out the mowing of county roads to save money and free up the county road department to perform other tasks. At the September 10 meeting, the court approved a motion to advertise for bids.

The county was broken up into three “zones” each with an equal amount of road mileage. Contractors could bid for all zones or separate zones. The bid term was for two mowings, with the possibility of a third, for one year. The contractors will have a set time period to complete the mowing.

During the December 30, special-called meeting, the court opened the lone bid it received and rejected it. A motion was made to, again, advertise for bids.

The court received two bids and at the January 26 meeting, First District Magistrate Michael McKenney opened the bids.

The first bid was made by Darrell Leach for $16,500 per section per each mowing for a total of $49,500 for each mowing. The bid term was for two mowings, so the county would have to pay $99,000 for two mowings. The rate for additional mowing would be $75 per hour.

The second bid was made by B.J. Ward Contracting, LLC for $17,823.20 for one section (Section A) of the county mowing zones. B.J. Ward Contracting did not bid on the other two sections of the county mowing zones. The rate for additional mowing would be $75 per hour.

Second District Magistrate Jason Bullock asked how much it cost the county to mow the roads per year. Johnston said it cost a little over $100,000 per year.

Autry thought the Road Committee should look at the bids and the figures it had on mowing the county roads before the court accepted or rejected a bid.

Johnston instructed the Road Committee to review the bids and have a motion ready for the next court meeting on February 11.

No action was taken.

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