Allen officially takes over as BD police chief

In News by Lee Bratcher

The Beaver Dam Police Department has a new chief as of today as Mike Allen takes over following former chief Adam Wright's resignation.

The city of Beaver Dam has a new police chief. Lt. Mike Allen of the Beaver Dam Police Department (BDPD) was promoted to interim police chief nearly two weeks ago by the Beaver Dam City Commission, but today, April 13, will be Allen’s first official day as chief.

Beaver Dam Mayor Paul Sandefur says that Allen’s name was at the top of most all city leader’s lists when former chief Adam Wright entered his resignation.

“He’s been with the agency a number of years and is very well thought of, as well as in the community,” said Sandefur. “We just felt we didn’t really have to worry about going outside to find a replacement. All the commissioners were on board.”

Allen, 55, has been in law enforcement for ten years and began his career in his home county by helping out the Butler County Sheriff’s Office with surveillance and drug prevention programs. He eventually got a full-time position with the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and then graduated from the police academy.

In September 2006, Allen joined the BDPD.

While Allen admits that the transition process is keeping him busy, he does have some goals he would like to see accomplished while he is chief.

“One goal is to continue to have the kind of professional police department that we have now,” Allen said. “Another goal is to work really hard on the drugs that are being trafficked here in town. My goal is to clamp down on the trafficking, and that will happen.”

Another goal of Allen’s is to make sure he talks to the people of Beaver Dam.

“My door is always open to anybody that has a complaint or got a need,” Allen said. “I will always be willing to listen to them.”

Former chief Adam Wright, as he was leaving, stated a goal of his was to get the BDPD more space in the city building. While Allen hasn’t asked the mayor or city commission about the BDPD possibly taking over the city commission room after the new fire station is built, he does believe that the need for more space is real.

“I have heard Adam mention that and that would be something that we need to pursue and work on because right now, we don’t have any room,” Allen said.

“The officers need a station for themselves so they can work on reports and have their own filing cabinet and things of that sort.”

Beaver Dam will be hiring a new officer to bolster their numbers due to the departure of Wright and from promoting within. They also hope to add on a current non-certified officer as a certified officer after he graduates from the academy later this year.

Whomever is hired by the BDPD, Allen knows what he wants in an officer.

“I want somebody that’s professional and courteous. I want someone that’s got compassion,” Allen said. “I don’t go for the Rambo, smart alec and I’m not going to have it.”

Over the years, Allen has made many friends while working in the BDPD and feels like he has the support of the community as well as the city leaders.

“I do appreciate the commission and Mayor Sandefur having enough confidence, faith and trust in me that I can do the job. I really do appreciate it and I thank them for that.”

(Editor’s note:  At the time of these interviews both Chief Allen and Mayor Sandefur, as well as the Ohio County Monitor, were unaware of former chief Wright’s current medical condition. We at the Monitor, and I’m sure both Chief Allen and Mayor Sandefur, wish him a speedy and full recovery.)

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